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Terroir, Tea & Cognac

What a fabulous little surprise to stumble upon at the Latour Wine tasting event in London today.

the highly knowledgeable team at Frapin, who have been growing grapes since the 1200s! Talked to us about the difference between 3 of their fantastic Cognacs.

Did you know alcohol evaporates easier in humid cellars, and in dry cellars it's water.🤓

Jameel @Lalaniandco enthralled us with 3 delightful, single-batch oolong teas from Taiwan.

My favourite was the Honey Black 2021 which gets its sweetness from being harvested in the summer after the Green Leaf-hopper have chewed on them.

The plants chemical response leads to a tea that tastes sweet to us humans.

And it really comes through.

No more builders tea for Joni Vino! Is this some tho you'd be interesting in trying? Let me know in the comments.

Happy (tea) Drinking!

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